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Re: GNU/Linux taxed in Poland ?! (fwd)

** On Nov 14, Craig Sanders scribbled:

> > The *same* fee? So if you operate a broadcasting station that can
> > reach 10 million people, you pay the same amount as a shop that has
> > standing capacity for 10 people?
> no, i don't believe it's the exact same fee. i don't know what radio
> stations pay. i used to know what cafes etc were expected to pay but
> that was 5 years ago.
> any kind of public performance (including hold music/muzak on telephone
> systems) incurs some fee.
here the fee is always the same.

> > > what's worse is that they still demand you pay even if the only
> > > music you play is your own material or licensed direct from the
> > > artists (who happen to be your friends). they assume that because
> > > you CAN play other material that you in fact are.
> >
> > That's very similar to the Buma (http://www.buma.nl/uk/home.htm) here
> > in the Netherlands.
> to tell the truth i don't mind the basic idea, it's nice in theory -
> artists should be compensated for public performance of their work. in
Craig, it's a THEORY, pure THEORY. The artists get the least - the biggest
share goes to the record companies. Do you know what is the cost of a single
CD - fully recorded, with sleeves etc. etc.? It's around US $3.5 (here in
Poland), while the retail price of the CD is almost US $12 (or more). From
what I know (from people who make their living out of the music they play)
they get about 20-25% of the total retail price. All the rest goes to the
record companies and shops selling the records. I like the idea of on-line
promotion of music - see http://www.audioglobe.com/ for example. That's fair
and that's what should be done... Other than that, I fully agree with you -
artists should be rewarded for the music we listen to an which we enjoy. If
there was only a way to pay the artists directly... Perhaps attending
concerts is a better way? Or a band's homepage where you can fetch
high-quality music as an ISO image, or MP3 or whatever and pay with your
credit card DIRECTLY to the band? Yeah, wishful thinking, I know :)

> practice, however, almost all of the money goes to a handful of the more
> famous bands because ARIA have a yearly "ratings" week and artists get
> paid proportionally according to the playlists for that week...so all
Then it's even worse than what I was told...

> the small bands get their friends to call the request shows and ask for
> their music just so they can get a miniscule fraction of the loot. most
> bands get nothing, some get slightly more than nothing, a few get the
> rest.
> > They also wanted to levy a surcharge on the sale of blank cdroms
> > because as you can use them to duplicate audio cds, you *will*.  Very
> > nice if e.g. you're trying to distribute debian cds.  However, that
> > attempt fortunately died a silent death.
> they managed to get something like that through here in oz for blank
> tapes.

> they tried for DAT tapes too, but I think they failed because they are
> mostly used for professional purposes (including computer backup) rather
> than for consumer audio. can't remember exactly, i could be wrong.
> this is veering wildly off-topic....
Yeps, so it is :))


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