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Re: GNU/Linux taxed in Poland ?! (fwd)

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 10:26:48AM +1100, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 12:20:25AM +0100, Mariusz Przygodzki wrote:
> > On Monday 13 November 2000 23:54, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > > sure it does. the monetary cost of the license is zero dollars, which is
> > > clearly included in the price you paid for the CD.
> > 
> > And this is a problem. Zero dollars as a cost of any license are not 
> > acceptable by tax offices.
> so don't list it. just list "Debian CD....$2". you don't need to
> list the free license any more than you need to list "Air....$0",
> "Sunlight....$0", "Birdsong.....$0", or even "Traffic Noise....$0".

Those might be good things for that company to put on their next
tax forms..

I'm not sure I see the reason for listing Debian at all on tax
forms - do they have specific questions regarding computers and
their software?


We could have some fun by listing every major piece of software
in the Debian CD's and proposing a commercial equivalent (or "standard")
to it, and its retail cost.  It might be good publicity for both
Debian and those fighting the lunacy of tax offices everywhere.

Imagine.. I'm sure we could very easily get into the thousands of dollars
worth of software, when doing it this way.  At least 2 commercially used
DB's, security software, web browsers (hey, they can't be free either, can
they? And we know they aren't part of the OS), IDE's, compilers, RAD tools,
MTA's, MUA's, web servers, and so on.

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