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Re: GNU/Linux taxed in Poland ?! (fwd)

Scripsit dune@home.pl

> I has consulted it with financial guys.
> A donation is an income simply. So you have to pay taxi.

This is stange. Around here, commercial businesses do not
pay tax of their *income* - the pay tax of their *profit*.
Thus if the "donation" of free software has any tax consequenses
it would only be the remote consequence of helping the copmany
make a taxable profit.

The only exception I can think of is if the company somehow
had the software figuring as an asset, in which case ignorant
tax people might think that an asset valuation of zero could
be a way to try to hide a profit in the books.

However, a *copy* of a piece of free software has very little
value -- as witnessed by the fact that you can buy it on the
free market for $10. And the *right* to use the free software
is someone everyone has, and is not connected with the act of
actually using the free software.

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