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Re: GNU/Linux taxed in Poland ?! (fwd)

>you don't understand the problem? 

Which problem? 
I hope I understand both  - licences and taxes in Poland.

>when we could pay for linux it would
>cost us less then not paying and paying government taxes for $0 bills.
>This is not a legal problem to debian nor FSF, but it is a problem because
>it'll scare people away from debian.  
>My opinion is that it is our problem. of course any advice would be great,
>what can we do? how can we tell the people that rule our country that 
>great deal with Microsoft that they signed lately  that reduces 
>'TCO by 30%' doesen't make us happy. and that making us pay government for
>using linux doesen't make us happy either.

I have mentioned about it in my first e-mail where I have asked
about a proposition of official letter from Debian community to Polish Treasury.


Mariusz Przygodzki

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