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Re: GNU/Linux taxed in Poland ?! (fwd)

>   *you do not have to ask or pay for permission*."
you don't understand the problem? when we could pay for linux it would
cost us less then not paying and paying government taxes for $0 bills.
This is not a legal problem to debian nor FSF, but it is a problem because
it'll scare people away from debian.  
My opinion is that it is our problem. of course any advice would be great,
what can we do? how can we tell the people that rule our country that 
great deal with Microsoft that they signed lately  that reduces 
'TCO by 30%' doesen't make us happy. and that making us pay government for
using linux doesen't make us happy either.
 As for now we are just whining, but as future members of EU .. don't EU
regulations regulate such metters?

regards, Eyck

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