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Re: GNU/Linux taxed in Poland ?!

>> About month ago one of the local fiscal office in Poland has laid 
>> a tax on some company in Poland which uses Linux servers and 
>> StarOffice apllications. This information appeared in the past week
>> in Polish edition of Computerworld. AND THIS IS NOT A JOKE.
>> The fiscal office has treated GNU software as a DONATION for this
>> company with a price on the level of M$ Windows NT and M$ Office
>> prices. According to the Polish tax regulations this company must 
>> pay about 30% (thirty percents) of these values now. So much.
>This is bothersome enough, but why Windos? Solaris seems much
>more similar to Debian than this glamourised game console OS.

Thanks for this question. 
I forgot  to add some "explaination" from the fiscal office.
These guys said they choose Windos for a price comparison because 
"it's a leading software in Polish market".


Mariusz Przygodzki

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