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RE: No explicit copyright statment, but GPL licence

If you look under


I believe your question is resolved.


Availiablility [sic]
The sourcecode for the LXR engine is of course availiable. It is released
under the GNU Copyleft license.

Eric R. Sherrill, WF Software Systems Engineer
Texas Instruments HFAB1 Automation Systems
Stafford, TX 77477-3006

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Subject: No explicit copyright statment, but GPL licence


I'm trying to pack LXR ( http://lxr.linux.no/ ).
In all sources I find no" [Cc]opyright" string (but in GPL COPYING
file). But all the main source files I found the complete (but
the copyright sentence) GPL header specified at the bottom of GPL

No copyright is a full author copyright, thus can I assume that it is
full GPL source ?

And in debian/copyright what I should write (what copyright years ?) ?


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