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Re: python 2.0 license

> Anyway, something else: Could somebody please comment if the following is
> correct:
> - Linking GPL C code with Python2.0 license C code violates the GPL.
> + Linking LGPL C code with Python2.0 license C code is no problem.
>   (since the LGPL doesn't infect a greater work)

both sound accurate
> + Running GPL Python code on Python2.0 is no problem as well.

correct, I can license a script however I like.  HOWEVER, if I do
'import foo' and foo falls under the python 2.0 license this may cause issues. 
Which basically means GPL'ed python scripts may have problems.  Just like a GPL
C app linking a non-free library.

> + Running Python2.0 license-style Python code on a GPL Python1.52 would be
>   no problem.

python 1.52 was not gpl, it was essentially BSD.

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