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license interpretation


I'm not subscribed, so I'd appreciate CC's. If you prefer that I subscribe,
let me know.

I am thinking of using SRP (Secure Remote Password protocol) for the DDT
(Dynamic DNS Tools) projectk, which is developed by Debian developers and
packaged for Debian as ddt-client and ddt-server. SRP has an interesting
set of clauses in addition to the standard BSD stuff:

 * 1. Any software that incorporates the SRP authentication technology
 *    must display the following acknowlegment:
 *    "This product uses the 'Secure Remote Password' cryptographic
 *     authentication system developed by Tom Wu (tjw@CS.Stanford.EDU)."
 * 2. Any software that incorporates all or part of the SRP distribution
 *    itself must also display the following acknowledgment:
 *    "This product includes software developed by Tom Wu and Eugene
 *     Jhong for the SRP Distribution (http://srp.stanford.edu/srp/)."

Annoying as these are, I can't see how they violate the DFSG. I'd like
confirmation of this.

Your help is very much appreciated,


Luca Filipozzi
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