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Re: Bug#70450: d4x is not DFSG free

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On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 12:03:24PM +0300, Julien BLACHE wrote:
> Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org> a écrit:
> Hi,
> > 	d4x is clearly not Free as we define Free:
> > 	Please
> > 
> > 	1) get the package removed from the archive
> > 	2) try to get the author to use a sane license
> > 	   (he might like the Artistic license)
> The author has rewritten is license and asks your opinion on it. Here
> is the text :
> ------- new license -------
> This document describes distribution rules of Downloader for X software.
> To avoid various misunderstandings from crazy-GPLed guys this license is
> splited to two parts: NOTALLOWED part and ALLOWED part.
>     Any distribution of modified program is not allowed. Modified program
> is a modified source code of program or binary files of program compiled
> from modified sources. Source code of program is next files in directory
> main of source tree:
>     *.cc
>     *.h
>     Makefile
>     face/*.cc
>     face/*.h
>     face/Makefile
>     face/pixmaps/*.xpm
>     face/pixmaps2/*.xpm
>     po/Makefile
> All other files can be modified in various distributions. Redistribuition under
> licese which's terms conflict with this license is not allowed. Only author
> of program can distribuite modified program. Only author of program can
> change license.
>     All what is not forbidden in previous section.
> --------- end ---------

	It's still as bad. And you are not understanding the issue.
	Please get the package removed from the archive, or convince
	the author to read the DFSG, and change his license to allow
	1) distribution of modified source
	2) distribution of binaries compiled from modified source

	[It is ok if he forces 1) and 2) to use some other name
	than d4x, though]

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