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Re: Gibraltar

On 02-Aug-00, 07:22 (CDT), Rene Mayrhofer <rene.mayrhofer@vianova.at>
> Do I have the possibility to say "use it in any way, do with the
> content what you want but do not sell CD-ROMs produced with the
> official Gibraltar ISO-images" ?

The "problem" [1] with the GPL is that it makes it very difficult to
express this as a requirement, because it specifically allows for
commercial redistribution. About the best you can do is make a strongly
worded request that people not do so, or that they talk to you before
doing so. This will stop most of the cdrom packagers. Then keep an eye
out for those who ignore the request, and publish their names, which
will keep most of the community from using their services. 

Given the availability of free images, the repackagers aren't going to
make much anyway. The value is in the service and support, which you, as
the author, are in a much better position to provide.

(IANAL, blah blah blah. If someone has a better answer, I'd be
interested as well...)


[1] No, I don't think the GPL is non-free because of this. But it is
probably the area of the GPL that I'm most uncomfortable with, although
I understand the reasoning. I'm not interested in arguing about it --
feel free to post on gnu.misc.discuss if you feel the need :-).

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