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Re: Design Science License DFSG compatibility

Scripsit Kidsgames Project Coordinator - Jeff Waddell <jeff@smluc.org>

> The text of the license is here....

> http://www.dsl.org/copyleft/dsl.txt

I think it is OK wrt the DFSG. It is clearly a GPL deriviation, and
no fatal mistakes seem to have been committed in the deriviation.

Note however, that a "you must change the name of modified versions"
clause is not unproblematic, though they are usually considered
DFSG-free. They make it difficult for Debian to react appropriately
with a situation where a critical security problem is discovered
with the package.

If the upstream maintainer is unavailable (such as if he's on
vacation, has died, or has grown uninterested in the program),
such a clause makes it illegal to release a fixed package under
the same name. Changing the name means that already-installed
unsafe packages will not be automatically unsafe, so the only
secure course of action would be to "update" the unsafe package
with an *empty* package.

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