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Re: Licence of SteelBlue

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 09:27:39AM +0300, Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
> I just found this kewl software and it claims to be Open-Source. 
> http://www.steelblue.com/
> Well, here is its licence:
> http://www.steelblue.com/sb/download/SteelBlue/latest/LICENSE.TXT
> What you think about?

Quick Answer :
It's not neither DFSG-ly, nor common-sense-ly free.

Little Longer Answer :
Some parts of License are even void.

Long Answer :

The Program [...] may not be sold, transferred by you in any manner for any
    reason, other than in compliance with the terms of this License.

Copyright can't prohibit you from reselling in most countries. VOID.

  b.  All distributed modifications to the Program shall immediately
      become subject to a permanent non-exclusive royalty-free right
      hereby granted to TCG to include such modifications in the
      Program as it may determine from time to time, and the
      unrestricted right to distribute such modification in all future
      versions of the Program, without obligation to User of any kind.

They seem to claim that every *.diff to program is automagically
licensed to them, what is false. ILLEGAL.

  c.  Upon distribution, the source code of all modifications to the
      Program must be made available free of charge to TCG as
      specified on the Web page at
      http://www.steelblue.com/modifications/ .

License is not fully contained in this document.
They might change http://www.steelblue.com/modifications/
on their wish. NON-DFSG.

You can't make distribution (to a friend, for example) without
making magick and sending all patches to them. NON-FREE.


5.  TERMINATION.  In the event of any default or failure of User to
    abide by the terms hereof, this license may be revoked by TCG
    without prior notice and all rights granted hereunder rescinded.
    In the event of such revocation, the Program and all copies
    thereof however stored and on all media, temporary and permanent,
    shall be returned to TCG or destroyed or otherwise disabled by
    User.  Upon request User shall provide sufficient evidence of
    compliance said obligation.

Everyone can see what's wrong here, don't you ?


The term "Program" shall include all
portions thereof, all versions, releases, upgrades, enhancements,
improvements, modifications, updates and all derivatives, as
determined by TCG to be part of the Program.
6.  COPYRIGHT. All right, title and interest in and to the Program,
    including but not limited to the copyright and the right to sell,
    transfer, license or otherwise convey the Program and any rights
    therein, remain exclusively with TCG.


They not only want to have you patches for free, they also want you to
give your copyrights to them. ILLEGAL.

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