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Re: SGI Free SW license 1.1 compatability with Xfree86 style license

I just caught up on the discussion regarding the license. Here is my
take so far and remaining questions. So we can come to a conclusion
on this, could we people state which sections they agree are ok
so we can ignore them and start a seperate thread for each section
that needs to be discussed further?
Please leave me in any replies as I'm not subscribed to -legal.
Section 1. Just sets up some definitions. No problem.
Section 2.1. I have philosophical problems with the artificial
separation of code into copyrightable and patentable sections,
but I don't see any legal difficulties here. Agreed?
Section 2.2. Strange. The only reason I can see for this is that if
a company decides that the code utilizes an algorithm they have
patented, then if SGI can show that they have used the code (thereby
agreeing to the license conditions), then they can't sue SGI since
the license granted SGI worldwide, royalty free, use of the patent(s).
I don't think the DFSG has anything to say on this. Any other opinions?
Is this a problem?
Section 2.3. I have no idea. Comments?
Section 3.1. No problem.
Section 3.2. We would be distributing under the same license so can
ignore most of this section.

Can ignore 3.3 since using their license.

Sections 4-10, no problem.

Section 11. IMO, there shouldn't be a problem with indemnity.
Basically, I don't see losses SGI could realize from fair
competition as being 'damages'.

Sections 12-13. Standard stuff.

James (Jay) Treacy

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