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BSD w/ advertising clause and GPL


A while ago, I ITPed zebedee (http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/), a secure
TCP/UDP program but it was rejected to be installed to the archives, as I
oversaw a licence issue.

zebedee itself is GPL2 but links to various stuff.

- libbz2, libz    (no problem)
- huge-number.c, GPL2 (no problem)
- SHA code from perl module, public domain (no problem)
- libblowfish, BSD-style with advertising clause
- getopt implementation for Windows, BSD w/advertising clause

the problem are the bottom tow. the Windows implementation of getopt
can probably be ignored as the Linux-port doesn't use it, but libblowfish
is the problem. It's a subslet of OpenSSL and in the .deb I created and
I link it with libssl09-dev.

Currently everything is (except glibc) is statically linked. This is
certainly not allowd because of the conflict of GPL and BSD-style with
advertising clause.
I am planning to hack on it to use the blowfish imprementation of GPG
but I'm not sure if this works as I want to retain backwards-compatibility

So I wanted to ask, if it was OK to "dynamically link" OpenSSL as an interim
solution ? Also on a quick look, there seem to be several GPLed programs
linking to OpenSSL.

I havn't contacted the upstream author, as I wanted to make the issues clear
first and present an resolving patch.

Thanks for the advice.


	Oliver M. Bolzer

GPG (PGP) Fingerprint = 621B 52F6 2AC1 36DB 8761  018F 8786 87AD EF50 D1FF

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