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Re: SGI Free SW license 1.1 compatability with Xfree86 style license

Scripsit James LewisMoss <jimdres@mindspring.com>

>  Henning> That is a very broad clause: "Recipient will .. indemnify
>  Henning> .. SGI from, .. any loss ... arising out of Recipient's use
>  Henning> .. of the Covered Code". That seems to mean that if I use
>  Henning> the software in a business that competes successfully with
>  Henning> SGI, they could sue me and demand that I pay up for their
>  Henning> lost profits.

>  >> This reads to me just as a no warranty clause.

>  Henning> can you refuse that my reading is one of the cases the
>  Henning> language actually Henning> covers?

> Actually yes.

Then explain where my reasoning breaks down, please. As far as I can
see, it says plain as day that if I use the program and that causes
SGI to suffer any loss, I must indemnify SGI from that loss. Where
am I wrong?

> It looks like a standard no warranty clause.

Warranty clauses normally do not have that effect.

> but I don't see your reading in it.

Which of the words I quoted do not come from the original clause?
Which of my "..."s do you think cover somthing that makes my reading

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