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Re: ia64 port

Mike Bilow wrote:
> I think the license is basically pretty good, but clause 5 is a
> showstopper.

Clause 5:

  5. The Intel Software provided in binary form contains confidential
  information of Intel regarding technical aspects of the Itanium
  processor. You must use the same degree of care to protect this
  confidential information of Intel that you use to protect your own
  confidential information, but no less than a reasonable degree of care.
  You must restrict access to the Intel Software provided in binary form
  to your employees who have executed written agreements with you obligating
  them to protect confidential information as required under this paragraph.
  The obligations of this paragraph do not apply to any information that is
  or becomes published by Intel without restriction, or otherwise becomes
  rightfully available to the public other than by breach of confidentiality
  obligation to Intel. 

Hm, as I read this, said confidential information is all contained in some

If you don't look in the binaries, and you don't distribute the binaries, or
distribute code linked to the binaries, have you not complied with all their
obligations without infecting yourself?

see shy jo

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