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Re: "Open Source" Motif

On Mon, May 15, 2000 at 10:37:29PM -0400, Justin Wells wrote:
> Even supposing that the license DOES restrict use to be only with open 
> source operating systems--how can you throw this license out, and not also
> throw out the GPL? 
> The GPL limits use of GPL'd software such that you can only combine it with
> other software if that other software is also GPL'd. If the Open Motif 
> license violates the OSD, then for the same reason, why doesn't the GPL?

I think the difference is that the GPL only limits compiling into, or
linking againt non-GPL code, whereas OpenMotif talks about general
use.  So, I can use GPL software on Windows, but not OpenMotif.

But I don't really see why this is much of an issue.  Another question
in the same FAQ stated that yes, it would become Open Source at some
point, but they were still working out the details as to how it would
happen.  Maybe I'm a little naive, but I'll take their word and just
be happy that they _are_ working toward it.

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