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Re: mixmaster license

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Peter Palfrader wrote:

> One part that I don't like about the new license[1] is the following
> paragraph (1.b.iii):
>     [you may modify and distribute the source only iff you]
>        provide Anonymizer Inc. with a copy of the Source Code of
>        such modifications or work by electronic mail, and grant
>        Anonymizer Inc. a perpetual, royalty-free license to use and
>        distribute the modifications or work in its products.
> Am I correct to assume that this would make the package go into
> non-free?

I think this is DFSG-free and can go to main.

> 					yours,
> 					peter


A "No" uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a
"Yes" merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.
                -- Mahatma Ghandi

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