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Re: AT&T source code agreement

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Steve Greenland wrote:

> On 22-Mar-00, 18:08 (CST), Eric Sherrill <sherrill@ti.com> wrote: 
> > Thus there could exist a pseudo-secret distro, given only to one's
> > friends or sold to select customers, that the author never finds out
> > about, simply through its obscurity.
> But the value of the changes made to such a distribution are probably
> low. The whole free software development model is based on have lots of
> people use, evaluate, and fix programs.

A pseudo-secret distribution wouldn't stay secret for a long period of
time, anyway. Every customer would have the right to distribute the whole
thing to anybody else (including public ftp sites), effectively making the
changes public. Sooner or later, at least one of the customers will do so
unless they have a very compelling reason (which may not be included in
the license) not to.

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