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Re: license for iozone

bug1 wrote:
> I had further corespondence with the author of iozone, trying to get a
> more defined explinationg of the license restrictions for his program, i
> got the following response.
> > The following is the only license that Iozone contains:
> >
> > "License to freely use and distribute this software is hereby granted
> > by the author, subject to the condition that this copyright notice remains
> > intact.
> > The author retains the exclusive right to publish derivative works based on
> > this
> > work, including, but not limited to, revised versions of this work."
> This sounds like its DFSG complient to me, if nobody disagrees ill go
> ahead and make a package with the above quotation as the stated license.

"Only I am allowed to make derivative works" is DFSG-free to you? This is
barely enough for non-free, and I'm not even sure about that.

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