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Re: kde and debian a long love story :)

On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 12:33:51PM -0100, Anthony wrote:
> Why did they refused ? We all know that QT is a good design but
> the lib is quite Huge and before recoding everything, let's try
> to make "pressure" on troll. 

They didn't refuse, they outright ignored the request.

> If you were troll ? From a commecial point of view (money,money)
> what are disavantage of i.e. LGPLing QT ? They still can make
> pay for the windows version. I think troll isn't really fair
> with the community that made his success. In french we say
> "Il veux le beurre l'argent du beurre et le sourire de la
> cremiere", They want the boter, the money of the boter and
> the smile of the jerk.
> I will have my server back this week, (i'm currently moving)
> that's why i'm writing with netscape and hotmail now, i
> can host a "Letter from linux community to Troll" where
> people can sign. We must take time write it well. Ask
> them to 
> "change I suggested to TWO CLAUSES of the QPL which would achieve
> GPL..."
> or even LGPL.
> For the last one, troll will have to accept that QPL is failure :)
> But it would be good, other QPL projects would certainly change their
> license too.

The last petition to Troll Tech was ignored as well.  I've been dealing
with these people here and there for more than a year and a half now.  I
think you're probably wasting your breath.  OTOH, if you think you can
succeed where so many others (myself included) have failed, I will happily
provide you the information and even sign your petition.

> Some people suggested that this discution shouldn't take part
> here, I subscribed to kde-licensing, the last message on this
> maling list is from March 99, i think it is time that it
> come back to life. I suggest people interresed subcribe there
> and we will post summary of the discussion here.

There are messages from this month on that list.  Much of the recent
thread about KDE in Debian was crossposted to that list.

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