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Re: kde and debian a long love story :)

> Peter S Galbraith wrote:
>All I said was that nothing has changed, and that we are treating
>GPL'ed packages linked against XForms the same way.  I don't see
>a Pro-KDE people vs Anti-KDE people issue at all.>
I hope so i don't want to see this kind of thing in this thread 
please reread the BIG FAT WARGING. I'm currently sending some
mails in the kde-licensing mailing list. Be sure this time something
will change.

Please don't post anything that is non-contructive. Darren O. Benham
>Everybody on debian-legal has an opinion.. and most voice it.. but then the
>discussion just peters out with the Pro-KDE people not having enough of an
>argument to put KDE back in... and the Anti-KDE people not having enough of
>a case to shutdown the argument once and for all.
Please don't do that in "my" thread

You can subscribe to the kde-licensing mailing list by sending
a mail to: kde-licensing-request@kde.org
with the SUBJECT: subscribe your-email-address

form more info http://www.kde.org/contact.html
and the archive can be found

There should be at least 2 or 3 people from debian to discuss there.
To judge if the solutions we will try find out there will allow kde
to be part of debian.

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