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Re: kde and debian a long love story :)

If what you say is true, it would allow debian to include
kde. but not allow people to port GPL software to kde.
So all scratch kde software can be included. but
kemacs is impossible :).

gecko@debian.org wrote:

I was under the impression (but a lawyer or RMS or someone know *knows*
should comment) that because the KDE programs are written in such a way
that they were obviously intended to be linked to Qt.. and Qt is included
in the original author's make file... that KDE created programs are not the
poblem.  The problem is third part GPL code (either complete programs that
have been Qt-ized or KDE progrmas usingcode taken from a GPL'd program (to
what ever % constitutes copyright infringment).  Somebody has to take the
time to go through KDE source and do "due diligence" in amking sure
everything is legally square by the letter of the law, not just the intent
of the law

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