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Re: DVD CCA - more bad news (fwd)

>   Is anyone working on programs to decompress/install programs without
>forcing the installer to agree to a "click-wrap" EULA?

First of all, in many countries, including Norway, reverse engineering is
explicitly permitted by law _even_ if EULA states otherwise. Some software
vendors have realised this and add "...is prohibited unless explicidly
granted by law and only to the extent expressed in this law". So the case
would be clear in a Norwegian court.
Secondly, Xing Player (as well as many other programs) can be installed
without clicking "OK", although often it requires ingerence in the
program/setup script itself.
Anyway - when I have already paid for the program, and I don't like the
license - will they give me my money back?
Thirdly, if the case is lost in the USA on the basis of this "EULA click" we
may consider setting up DeCSS servers in countries where laws are more

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