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Re: KDE not in Debian?

On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 02:27:08PM -0600, David Welton wrote:
> In these cases where there are grey areas, I wouldn't really trust our
> opinions to be all that valid.  Just as we might not trust a lawyer's
> advice on how to implement a technical issue, maybe we should consider
> having a lawyer looking at something that falls under their area of
> expertise before we go off half-cocked.

First place, I wouldn't call this a grey area. The GNU GPL's author,
RMS, and many other legal opinions agree, the GPL conflicts with the
QPL. The licenses are clear enough to establish this point.

Second place, we're taking the safe route. No one can sue us for
not having KDE in Debian. Debian doesn't ask lawyers because it can't
afford to, money-wise. In most circumstances (fortune database aside), 
Debian just doesn't touch stuff with unclear (or inapprorpiate)

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
If you wish to strive for peace of soul then believe; 
if you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire.
   -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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