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License - is this acceptable?


Would this copyright notice acceptable for a documention?

Copying License

Names of all products herein are used for identification purposes only
and are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective

Copyright ...

Wine-HOWTO is a free document and published under GNU General Public
Licence as published by the free Software foundation. IT IS NOT IN THE
PUBLIC DOMAIN! You may reproduce or distribute it in part or in whole
under the following conditions:

- The copyright notice above is to be preserved complete on all
comlete or partial copies.
- Any translations or derivate work of this documentation must be
placed under the GNU Gerneral Public License, too, and the original
copyright notice must remain intact. This means of any translation or
derivate work has to be made available as a free copy.
- If you distribute this documentation in part, instructions for
obtaining the complete version of this documentation must be included,
and a means for obtaining a complete version povided.
- Small portions may be reproduced as illustration for reviews or
quotes in other works without this permission notice if proper
citation is given.

The GNU General Public License referenced below may be reproduced
under the terms given within it.

This documentation is distributed  WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. See the GNU
General Public License for more details.. 

If you plan to publish and distribute this documentation commercially,
donations, royalties, and/or printed copies are greatly appreciated by
the authors, the Linux Documentation Project or the WINE project.
Contributing in this way shows your support for free software and the
Linux Documentation Project. If you have questions or comments, please
contact the authors.

Special notice for WINE: This documentation may be distributed under
the terms of condition above within the WINE source tree or any
derivate work on WINE. The copyright of this documentation doen´t have
any effect to the WINE copyright itself as this documentation isn´t
part of WINE.


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