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Re: FreeVeracity shipment.

Quoting Yann Dirson:
> * The sentence `You also indicate your acceptance by retaining the
> Module on your computer for more than one day.' may have strange
> interactions with the download of (eg.) a precompiled binary package
> from debian.org/.../non-free/ - the downloader may get a large bunch
> of software, and may not physically have the time to carefully read
> all the licences - if he only reads the licence 2 days later, even
> before ever thinking of running the program, does this mean he has
> implicitely accepted a licence he did not read ?

	This is the same tactic the MICROS~1 Windows EULA takes:  they
put the license inside the package and say "by opening the package,
you agree to..."

	For more info, check out the old MS Windows Refund Day
Newsletter at http://zork.net/refund/ .  I believe issue two has a
transcript of someone trying to read the license before she has
implicity agreed to it.

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