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Re: FunnelWeb manuals copyright issues

Marc van Leeuwen writes:
 > By the way, just being curious, I took a look at the FunnelWeb sources. Since
 > it is a literate programming tool, a macro processor that (among other things)
 > can produce compilable code from "literate" sources, I expected to find source
 > files that have to be processed by FunnelWeb (and some directly compilable
 > ones as well, for bootstrapping); this is the situation for most literate
 > programming tools I know of (just like most C compilers are written in C).
 > Instead however I found just ordinary .c and .h files.

I just looked at the "Developper's Manual", section 3.2, which
explains the reasons for FunnelWeb not being written using itself, so
it appears this point is OK.

I'll just throw this paragraph from the mail and send it with a CC: do

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