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Re: PINE Clone

On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 12:07:16AM -0700, Richard Stallman wrote:
|    Why not just hack a pine-style main menu, configuration screen, imap, and
|    keyboard cheat-sheet onto mutt. They've already got a config file floating
|    around that makes it emulate all the PINE keystrokes, and it's already a
|    fully functional mailer.
|If PINE users are happy to switch to this, this is a fine approach.
|Someone else argued that this would not be enough to make PINE users
|happy.  I don't directly know what would or wouldn't satisfy them, but
|he seemed to have some familiarity with them.
|I think it would be good to look carefully at the points he made,
|and to compare them carefully with the ways that the modified Mutt
|would look different from PINE.  That seems like a good way to
|get a handle on this issue.

I miss nntp in mutt. I switched to mutt recently after reading about 
present pine license, but I had to install also slrn for newsgroups.

The free pine would be _very_ welcome because of combined mail and news. I 
don't think this is possible soon with mutt modifications, so I bet on 
forking last free pine.

If OpenBSD is able to make openssh from last free ssh, it should be 
possible to make gpine from last free pine.


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