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Re: GCC M3 frontend

DEC Modula-3 and PM3 are distributed with a couple backends that
are not derived from GCC. These are probably the basis for Critical
Mass Modula-3.

According to the Polytechnique Modula-3 (PM3) upstream maintainer,
they would love to get merged into GCC, and would transfer all the
copyrights on everything they've done on it to the FSF if that would

Also, for the CVSup and Modula-3 side of this, I'm currently working
on a M3 to Ada compiler painfully slowly. When it gets released, I'll
transfer the license to FSF. (I'm already speculating too far into
the future, but depending, I may take the frontend to that and try
for a Modula-3 frontend to GCC.)

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