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Re: GCC M3 frontend

Mike Goldman wrote:

> My apologies for replying to such an old series of messages, but I just
> discovered it now when browsing through the debian-legal archives.
> As maintainer of the Polytechnique Modula-3 (PM3) port for Debian, this has
> serious implications for me.  But more importantly, it has serious implications
> for every implementation of Modula-3 that I am aware of, each and every single
> one of which are apparently based on the original DEC SRC implementation.

Browsing the Modula-3 Resource page at http://www.m3.org/

>From the Modula-3 FAQ:


What implementations are available, how do they compare?

All implementations are based on DEC SRC Modula-3. Critical Mass offers an improved
version with commercial support. It features incremental garbage collection on NT,
and a few additional packages like ODBC database access. Ecole Polytechnique de
Montréal has an updated distribution. It features integrated documentation, weekly
updates, pre-compiled binaries for several platforms, and debugging support on NT.

Special versions have been developed for OS/2 and DOS and are available on the
Polymtl site.

>From the Critical Mass Modula-3 homepage:


              We are pleased to announce the
              availability of CM3, our cross-platform
              compiler and runtime for Modula-3, as
              a standalone product. CM3 is the core of
              Reactor, Critical Mass's complete
              environment for the development of
              robust, cross-platform, client-server
              and distributed applications on Windows
              and Unix. If you don't need Reactor's
              extensive libraries and advanced
              features, then CM3 is for you.

              For a limited time, a trial version of
              CM3 is available for download. You will
              have access to all CM3's functionality
              for a period of 30 days. Register and
              Download CM3, or contact us to order a

There may be a SERIOUS problem here, guys!

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