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Re: webmin license

On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Seth David Schoen wrote:

> But that particular issue is moot as far as this license goes.  Since this
> license does not even _attempt_ to modify the GPL, the interpretation of
> the GPL is very clear and unambiguous: just as Brian says, the GPL forbids
> this sort of thing (in particular, it forbids prospective distributors from
> imposing or passing on additional restrictions).

That applies to works that have been licenses under the unamended GPL.
We're talking about a work which has *not* been licensed under the
unamended GPL. The uamended GPL has *no* force whatsoever on which
license terms are legal for that program.

The fact that the author choses a set of license terms that share some
clauses with the unamended GPL does not make the unamended GPL have any
say over his actions. He chose a different license than the unamended
GPL, and that different license is the *only* thing that can allow or
forbid anything.

> Therefore, these terms _do_ contradict the GPL,

That is irrelevant. The GPL is not in force for the program in question.

> 	You may distribute this software, provided that in every instance
> 	you both
> 	(a) distribute it under the GPL,

This is not what the license in question says. It specifically does *not*
allow applying the unamended GPL to the program.

Henning Makholm

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