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Re: freedomization task list [was: Re: Dangerous precedent being

Henning Makholm wrote:

> Tomasz Wegrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> writes:
> > What kind of free licence make such situations possible ???
> > (for me it is not free even a little bit if author can change
> >  his mind and take away your freedom)

I'd be surprised if this were enforcable, and it would be fun for
the FSF to find the last `free' version and fork it.

> I'm told that under American law, a promise that is made without
> getting something tangible (a "consideration") in return cannot be
> legally binding. That would seem to allow any free software license
> to be revoked as soon as the author wants to.
> I might be wrong, though. Can one of the American law guys comment?

I'm sure the FSF's lawyers don't think so.


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