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Re: From Corel on the EULA

Erich Forler <kf4548w2@umail.corel.com> writes:

> Is the =93Minor=94 clause a violation of the GPL?
> Some commentators have suggested that by requiring persons to certify
> that they are not a minor, or to have a parent or legal guardian agree
> to the terms to the GPL on their behalf, Corel has changed the terms of
> the GPL.  This is not the case.
> The GPL does not require distributors of GPL software to make copies of
> the software available to all persons. Rather, it requires that all
> persons to whom copies of GPL software are distributed be granted the
> right to copy, distribute and/or modify the software.  As a result, a
> distributor of GPL software can restrict the availability of its
> distribution to, among other things,  persons in a particular territory,
> persons who have paid a fee or persons who are above a certain age;
> provided that all persons to whom copies of the software are distributed
> are not restricted from making, distributing and/or modifying copies of
> the GPL software.

Then I suggest that Corel makes the above clear by stating on the
web site that the ``EULA'' is a license agreement for the use of
Corel's ftp and/or web services, not for the software.  I
personally have no problem with Corel restricting the choice of
to whom they distribute their software, and I agree that it is
not a violation of the GPL.

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Why are you using a fake email address in your headers?
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