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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL

On Dec 02, Caspian wrote:
> Something-- SOMETHING-- must be done, or in five to ten years the Linux
> (and I do say "Linux" here, since it will no longer be "GNU/Linux")

The "GNU/Linux" term has relatively little currency outside Debian.
It never has been "GNU/Linux" to more than a few people.  I doubt you
see it much except self-consciously or in the phrase "Debian
GNU/Linux" (which gets butchered as "Debian/GNU Linux" half the time

In any event, my personal opinion is that Corel has the right to
decide who to sell or give their software to, and who not to.  They
may have phrased it badly, but that's what their intent is.  In any
event, that decision disproves your assertion that all Corel cares
about is money, since obviously they'd make more money if they were
selling to minors.  Under the GPL, they are only obligated not to make
the "you can't sell to minors" restriction viral.

It also seems we're venturing into debian-project territory here....

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