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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation of the GPL

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Bruce Perens wrote:

> > From: Caspian <caspian@twu.net>
> > I'd just like to state that if anyone out there is interested in making a
> > completely, utterly free software GNU/Linux dist, with a license that
> > prohibits putzen like those at Corel from pulling the sort of nonsense
> > they've been pulling, (i.e. a license even stricter than Debian's) I'd
> > love to help out.


> Mr. Caspian,
> I have an even better idea. Let's do a commercial Debian distribution the
> right way. We can show them by example.
> 	Bruce

As much as anything with "commercial" in the name makes me feel saddened
just to talk about it, something like this clearly needs to be done. Yes.
This is definitely a good idea. Much as I sometimes wish to lash out at
the proprietary world by making a license even stricter than the GPL, I
know that I'd have to go such a route alone. Besides that, it might be

Perhaps efforts could be made to provide free alternates for all (or at
least MOST) non-free packages... i.e. Mozilla for Netscape, my proposed
PiClone/PINE-Clone for pico/PINE, yatadayatadayatada... and of course if
it had a EULA, it wouldn't restrict the OS to "adults" only, nor would it
make misleading statements about what copyrights "protect" about the
dist... :)

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