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Re: Dangerous precedent being set - possible serious violation o

On 30 Nov 1999, Henning Makholm wrote:

> Caspian <caspian@twu.net> writes:
> > But in Corel's case, they're taking a whole bundle of free software,
> > making a little smidgen of free software themselves, adding some
> > non-free software, then saying: 
> [..]
> > 	* GPL? What GPL? I see no mention of the GPL in our license...
> Excuse me, but that is grossly misrepresenting what Corel does.
> The EULA that was posted here a couple of days ago is quite explicit
> about most of the software being licenced under "the GPL and other
> licenses that allow free modification and redistribution" (or some
> similar language). They repeat that in several different places in the
> text.

Okay then, and actually, now that I think about it, yes, I do remember
seeing a mention of the GPL in the license. However, the segment at the
top seems to be stating that all the software in Corel Linux is
proprietary. Read the part that babbles on about the rights to the source,
etc. being "protected" by copyright law on behalf of Corel, Corel
(somethingorother), and "other" entities (i.e. the FSF?)

> > They're slapping this traditional proprietary software-like EULA
> > on their distribution,
> Did you actually read it? Seems not...

I did read it, and I apologize for having forgotten some of the later
parts of it, but of late I've been spending most of my time grumbling
about the top few paragraphs. I'll have to say mea culpa on this one... :/

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