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Re: is this free?

On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 10:52:07AM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> > On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 08:32:28AM -0500, Raul Miller wrote:
> > > On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 11:56:57AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > > > > You are free to mix the code with other code, though. All DFSG free
> On Sat, Nov 27, 1999 at 12:00:49AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> > Note the lack of the word `any'. :)
> In other words, "There exists some code which can be combined with other
> code?"  That's true even for the most restricted, proprietary piece of
> software in existence.

Except that not everyone can willfully combine code with, say, Windows.
Or with qmail, or pine, or whatever.


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