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Re: is this free?

From: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>
> Hm, I didn't realize that. So what if I release a program under one of these
> licenses, and am promptly hit and killed by a bus on the way home? You can't
> contact me and you haven't before, so arn't you now prohibited from
> modifying the software? That doesn't sound very free.

Well, I wouldn't suggest that license for individuals. But all three, IBM,
APSL, and ATT include some means for you to notify them of modifications.
The Apple license required you to do so via a specific web site and I had them
weaken that simply because of the chance that they could go out of business and
the web site would not exist. In the case of a corporation, if no other means
is available you can notify them via the person who accepts service for the
corporation (such a person is legaly required to exist), and if the corporation
is no longer in existence, you publish a public notice directed to any
surviving copyright holders whoever they might be.



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