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Glide3 license

This may not matter much in the immediate future becuase Glide3 is
completely tied in with XFree4 and we have no plans to include the beta
versions of XFree3.9 in potato, however I figure now is the best time to
bring this up--sooner the better.

The recent source release for the Voodoo3 cards includes two components
which are MIT licensed and one part which is under Yet Another Public
License(tm) which resembles the GPL and LGPL in several noticable ways.
It's attached for your reading pleasure--or whatever.

The license seems DFSG compliant to me, but there are a couple of issues
I'd like other opinions on.  How does the trademark issue affect us?  Do I
need a "Glide is a trademark of 3dfx Interactive, Inc" in the package desc
or do I have to rename the package or can I get an email from the right
person telling me that it's fine if I call it glide and tack it to the end
of the copyright and license info or is that getting to close to "licenses
specific to Debian" or what?

The license says that using the software means you accept the license.  Of
course there are no usage restrictions in the license--only distribution
restrictions, so I'm guessing this probably has to be a no-op anyway,
regardless of the whole issue of whether or not a Copyright license
actually could place restrictions on running software at all (which is
covered by fair use IMO..)  The DFSG doesn't cover the issue.

Just to be sure..  The wordings associated with charging only a copying
fee and whatnot, they are safe?

Is my interpretation that this is a DFSG compliant license correct?
Secondly, how does this license weigh in on the whole GPL compatibility
issue?  I don't see any snags, does that mean there aren't any? (hope,

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