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Re: MMIX license OK for main?

Mike Goldman wrote:

> > And what about the binaries?
> I agree that binaries, modified or not, are a question.  I will investigate this
> question as well as I can, but if anyone can get hold of Donald Knuth directly and
> obtain clarification, it may be helpful.

I browsed Professor Knuth's site a bit, to see if I could gain any better information
on this point, but came up empty.  At the very least, I think that it is implicit that
binaries, if based upon modified source, had better not call themselves MMIXware.  If
we're required to take a position that absence of explicit grant to distribute
binaries is denial of the right, you may be correct, but my guess is that Knuth would
not object to our doing so under the implied conditions, so I do hope that somebody at
Stanford can reach him.

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