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Re: web site license

bruce@perens.com wrote:
> The problem is that we do not want people putting things in our mouths so that
> it looks as if we are saying them. Thus, add the following:
> You may change this document, as long as the nature of the change
> and the author of the change is indicated in-line with the change, in a form
> that is directly visible to the reader and not obscured.
> You must append to the document the reason for the change and contact
> information for the author of the change, and provide a link to the original
> document. You may not use changes to deliberately misrepresent someone else's
> opinion.

I'd rather we took advantage of DFSG point #4 and added something like:

  You may change this document, but all derived works must state that they are
  not part of the Debian web site.

I think this has basically the same effect, while giving people more freedom
to derive things from the web site.

see shy jo

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