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Re: web site license

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999 at 12:43:08PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
>     When we write new components of the Debian system, we will license them
>     as free software.
> IIRC, I have brought this up before, and I was dismissed or ignored. I would
> like to discuss this again, as it concerns me greatly, especially since text
> I have written, which I want to be DFSG free (Debian Weekly News), appears
> on the web site under this license.

Actually, DWN is a news source and as such you can use whatever you want
in DWN provided you credit your sources, but that's beside the point.

THe website license isn't quite DFSG free IIRC and I don't think it should
be ignored--if I've ignored it, sorry about that.  =>  I'm going to have a
look at it tonight after I finish my programming assignment and will post
some comments and possible suggestions later on---unless someone beats me
to it of course (hint, hint..)

I'm very interested in this.  I think we really can come up with something
that works and does what we want and is still free.  Or we could just
(L?)GPL the whole thing and call it good.

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