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Re: [Fwd: Intent to package: pm3]

At 11:15 PM 7/31/99 -0400, Mike Goldman wrote:
>PM3: Polytechnique Montreal Modula-3

>The only open question, which I have been discussing on debian-legal, is
>whether this package needs to go into non-free or whether it can go into
>main.  The relevant part of the license which causes some concern is:
[chunk snipped]
>Presently, I'm inclined to release into main, unless anyone strongly

This has come up before. See
http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-legal-9901/msg00002.html . In
summary, there are copyrights buried in the code that are "all rights
reserved", i.e. non-free to the max. 

>Though, on the latter point, would a license be non-free if it
>discriminated against, say, use in criminal activity, such as theft or
>murder?  And if one can prohibit use for theft and murder, why not
>taxation or warfare?  Just a thought....  :)

Yes, it would be non-free. Theft is a field of endevor. Note that Berkeley
has a program (or so I've heard) that still prohibits South African police
from using it, because of their past history, and nobody has changed the
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