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xforms exception for xmysqladmin needed?


I want to take xmysqladmin from Brian Almeida. There is a open bug,
that the license needs the xforms exception.

The license is:

I reserve the copyright to xMySQLadmin. However, you are permitted 
to use and distribute xMySQLadmin, provided that you 
  (a) distribute it with the full sources, and 
  (b) that you leave this documentation and 
      copyright notice intact.
The bugreport says:

We don't distribute with full source, so we're not allowed to
distribute it?

However picks up this package should try to obtain the same
license change as xmysql, or package the source separately
as done with the tetex-src package.

Peter Galbraith

I do not agree on the point that "full sources" also includes the
source of the widgetset it uses.

Could you tell me who is right on this?


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