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Re: Oracle 8i for Linux License Humor

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Brian Ristuccia wrote:

> I figured we could occasionally use a little laugh on this list, so have a
> look at the following two URL's:
> http://technet.oracle.com/tech/linux/ - Oracle's download page. Check out
> the license textarea -- you can put any license you want in there before
> clicking "I Accept" and Oracle still lets you download the software. 
> http://osiris.978.org/~brianr/oracle-gpl.gif - The copy I downloaded
> magically became Free Software. Note the text that reads "The OTN License
> Agreement terms below supercede any shrinkwrap license on the OTN Technology
> Track software CDs and previous OTN License terms (including the Oracle
> Program License as modified by the OTN Program Use Certificate)."


BTW, to download it without even clicking that button, just go to
ftp://ftp.oracle.com/pub/www/otn/linux directly. With a little searching,
you can get any software that is downloadable through either
http://www.oracle.com/ or http://technet.oracle.com/ directly from
ftp://ftp.oracle.com/pub/www/ , without the need to click "I accept this
license" buttons. You just need to search a bit, since it isn't always
immediately clear what the directory names mean.

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