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Re: [PHP4BETA] License concerns

Netscape uses better wording. 

     6.1. New Versions.
     Netscape Communications Corporation (``Netscape'') may publish revised
     and/or new versions of the License from time to time. Each version will
     be given a distinguishing version number.

     6.2. Effect of New Versions.
     Once Covered Code has been published under a particular version of the
     License, You may always continue to use it under the terms of that
     version. You may also choose to use such Covered Code under the terms
     of any subsequent version of the License published by Netscape. No one
     other than Netscape has the right to modify the terms applicable to
     Covered Code created under this License.

You can use something like this, with the added promise that new license versions shall be compliant
with the Open Source Definition, version 1.4 .



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