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Re: gif2png in non-free?

Remco Blaakmeer <remco-blaakmeer@quicknet.nl> writes:

> I think that "permission to (...) for any purpose and without fee is
> hereby granted" is very different from "permission to (...) is hereby
> granted without fee".

Yes .. but the author might have meant it to be parsed as
"permission .. without fee is herby granted", i.e. that "without fee"
applies to the permission and states that said permission does not
depend on a fee being paid to the author.

In any case, the wording is ambiguous and deserves to be cleared up.

> I'm sure this subject has come up before.

Certainly. That ambiguous wording is amazingly popular. I imagine
people thinking, "gee, that looks utterly incomprehensible so it
must be really bulletproof legalese .. I think I'll snatch up that
phrase for my own license."

Henning Makholm

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