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Re: crazy copyrights

Hi Joey,

This author is trying to interpret the GPL to his users, and is getting it a
bit wrong. Please try asking him to use the straight GPL without his
interpretive text and see what he says.



From: Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net>
> 	Copyright (C) 1998 Luca Deri
>         (portions Stefano Suin <stefano@unipi.it>)
> ntop has been written by Luca Deri <deri@unipi.it> with some help 
> of Stefano Suin <stefano@unipi.it> with the purpose to create a tool able
> to effectively monitor networks. ntop belongs to the author
> (Luca Deri <deri@unipi.it>) who allow you to use it according to the
> licence below (GPL2).
> This licence basically ALLOWS you to:
> - use ntop for both educational and commercial purposes
> - study, modify, redistribute ntop's source code.
> - build new applications based on ntop.
> What you CANNOT do with ntop is:
> - charge a fee for using ntop except for the physical act of 
>   transferring a copy.
> What you SHOULD do with ntop is:
> - use and have fun with it, hoping it's useful for you
> - send suggestions, bug reports, patches, enhancements to
>   the authors
> In other words you must keep ntop free of charge. If you have some
> questions or if you plan to integrate ntop in a commercial
> product (a.k.a you charge a fee for using the product) then you
> must contact the authors.
> Luca Deri <deri@unipi.it>
> Pisa, December 1998.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> 		       Version 2, June 1991
> [entire text of gpl included here]

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